The VF-0D is part of the Macross franchise. My input in this project was strictly modelling, texturing and rendering. This project is non-profit and was not commissioned.


This model was made in 3DS-MAX using low-poly modelling techniques. The polycount was limited to a game appropriate value.


For this model I employed a special technique to create the lines in the normal map and texture. Using the Path tool in Photoshop I created the necessary lines and traced them with the pen (Stroke Path). I then used the NVidia NormalMapFilter to create the wanted effect.


Next, I copied the lines from the normal map and pasted them on the diffuse texture, lowered their saturation completely and set their blending options to whatever looked best.


This, along with the highly saturated colors, contribute to the Semi-Cartoon look of this model.


The model cannot transform as opposed to the original Japanese Animation.

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